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The First Run of the Season

Hey there, heres a video to go along with my last blog post.

As you see, there is a ton of snow up at whitewater! Since it was the first run of the season, taking it easy on Bonanza was the logical choice.

I’ll have to remember to avoid it during the season, it’s not steep enough! I’m really looking forward to the season at whitewater. The terrain looks awesome, and the snow quality is equally awesome. Can’t wait to shred the gnar this year and progress my skiing!

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Preseason shredding at Whitewater

On Saturday November 22, I took my first turns of the season. A group of five of us decided that the class room was enough, and it was time to ski. We had to have a solid crew, a crew for the ages. We had David, the old man, Camille the crazy french lady and Daniel the Ontario park rat. Sami was also a part of this crew, but hiked up much faster like the mountain goat he is.

After roughly an hour and a half hike, we reached the summit of Whitewater. It was a picturesque scene, with blue skies and the sun just behind Ymir.

The first run was bonanza, on skiers right of the chair. There was knee deep powder, and it was super light. The dayswas enjoyed, and smiles along with cheers were shared.

It was the perfect start of the season, and hopefully more days like it to come.Image

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