The First Run of the Season

Hey there, heres a video to go along with my last blog post.

As you see, there is a ton of snow up at whitewater! Since it was the first run of the season, taking it easy on Bonanza was the logical choice.

I’ll have to remember to avoid it during the season, it’s not steep enough! I’m really looking forward to the season at whitewater. The terrain looks awesome, and the snow quality is equally awesome. Can’t wait to shred the gnar this year and progress my skiing!

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Why All I Can is the Best Ski Movie to Date

The best way I could describe skiing to a person in one word, is passion.

The reason why All I Can is so great, is that it really captures the passion that so many people feel about skiing. Ranging from community to realization, the change in skiing as well as the pure passion for the sport is always at the forefront of the movie.

I am privileged to say that I have devoted my life to skiing, and seeing a ski movie that I can actually relate too makes me connect to it at such a higher level than other movies that is just pure ski porn.

The skiing is on point, the lines are gnarly and the places they go to are interesting and captivating.

I raise a glass to Sherpas Cinema, for making the best ski movie to this date, and best of luck on future endeavours.

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I believe the term is Genesis


Sometimes, things need to change. The Jiberish Jib Team edit created said change. Style, Tall Ts, and Afterbang. This edit brought it to the freeski world. Thanks Jiberish, and the change you created, it was well needed.